RCSA Elementary Fact Sheet for 2023-2024 School Year

School Hours/Calendar
● 7:35 AM – 2:45 PM Class begins at 8:00 AM sharp.
● Parents must drop off and pick up from the designated carpool lanes. Parents are not permitted to walk students up to the doors.
● Any student not picked up by 3:00 pm (4:00 pm after clubs/tutoring; 1:15 pm Early Release days) will be charged the late pick-up fee of $20 per student.
● RCSA Elementary follows the DCPS School Calendar.

● Bus transportation is NOT available.
● Students are dropped off and picked up using the carpool lanes in the front of the building.
● RCSA-issued car tags are REQUIRED for pick up from the carpool lanes. Two will be issued to each student. Additional tags must be purchased from the front office for $5. ID is required to purchase car tags.
● Parents must remain in their vehicles during this time and may not walk up to the entrance/exit gates.

Before & After-School Care
● Before School Fees: $150 / Month & $75 per sibling; Starts at 6:45 AM.
● Boys and Girls Club provides our after-school care. This program is free, but space is limited.
● *Fees are subject to change each school year.


● Polo shirts with school logo, khaki or navy-blue bottoms, and athletic shoes are required.
● RCSA fleece school jackets are the only jackets to be worn inside the building.
● Polos and fleeces may be purchased online or at the local retail store.
● Hoodies are not allowed on campus at any time.

Class Structure & Size
● K-2: self-contained (1 core teacher)
● 3-5: rotate through separate teachers for ELA/SS, Math/ Science
● Grades 3-5 adhere to Florida State Assessments


● ELA: Houghton Mifflin Into Reading in conjunction with i-Ready, IXL, Accelerated Reader, Study Island, and Top Score Writing
● Math: Houghton Mifflin Go Math in conjunction with i-Ready, IXL, Rocket Math, and Study Island
● Science: Houghton Mifflin Florida Science in conjunction with IXL, and Study Island
● Social Studies: McGraw Hill Florida Social Studies in conjunction with IXL, and Study Island
● ***Many of RCSA’s curriculum resources involve technology at school and at home. Computer and internet access are required.

Resource Classes
● PE
● Art
● Technology
● Media Center/Character Education



● Gifted Education is offered through an on-site program with a Gifted Endorsed teacher.

ESE Services
● ESE Services are provided for students with IEP’s/504’s.
● IEPs and 504s are requested with applications to ensure that accommodations can be met.

● RCSA Elementary is required to participate in all state-wide testing. Students scores are made available through the Focus Parent Portal.
● i-Ready testing is administered at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. Scores are sent home in the Friday Folder.

After-School Study Hall
● After-school Study Hall is 45 minutes once a week.
● ESOL tutoring is offered on Monday and Friday each week.

● After-school clubs are 45 minutes a week. Students may be in multiple clubs, but Study Hall requests are priority.

Code of Conduct
● RCSA Elementary follows a strict code of conduct. ClassDojo is utilized as our school-wide discipline/parent contact system and it is mandatory that parents be connected. Students are issued a conduct grade based on ClassDojo percentages.
● K-5 students receive discipline consequences, which may include, but not limited to: lunch/recess detentions, after school detentions, and Out of School Suspensions.
● Parents are able to track their child’s conduct log and disciplinary actions on RCSA Connect. Detailed information regarding our Code of Conduct can be found in the RCSAES handbook that is posted on RCSA Connect.

School Breakfast & Lunch
● Provided by SLA (All payments are made online.)
● Students may apply for free and reduced rates through RCSA.

Parent Communication
● RCSA Connect *Parents and students MUST actively utilize this resource.*
● ClassDojo *Parents MUST actively utilize this resource.*
● Remind *Parents may opt into receiving these messages.
● Constant Contact Newsletters
● Facebook
● School Messenger
● Friday Folders

● Any person who wants to attend an event on campus during the school day MUST be cleared by completing the volunteer application.
● Any volunteer that spends time with students must complete a Duval County Volunteer Application and receive clearance, using the following link: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/volunteer

Homework Expectations:
• Homework becomes available on Mondays and is due the following Monday.
• Paper-based homework must be printed from RCSA Connect. Paper copies will not be provided.
• All students have weekly homework and quarterly projects that must be completed at home.
• Parental involvement is essential for success.

Fostering Independence
● RCSA Elementary is an I Can school. We want students to know their abilities and potential, and to take accountability for their learning.
● Our emphasis is on INDEPENDENCE. We utilize standards-based teaching/learning, and students’ grades reflect their mastery of standards.

What should my child be doing over the summer?
● Read every day!
● Every incoming RCSAES student should be completing his/her Summer Project. They can be found on the RCSA Elementary website (available in the Spring).
● Summer Projects are mandatory. They are due on the first day of school.